Monday, November 8, 2010

Boulder Farmer's Market

Saturday morning, we woke up to sunny skies and predictions for 70+ degree weather.  In November.  In Colorado.

Perfect weather led me to think of the Boulder Farmer's Market -- I have wanted to go since moving here, but our Saturday's kept getting booked.  With a promise of fresh baked breakfast, I convinced Joe to go with me (he got a homemade chocolate croissant, which rivaled the ones I've had in San Francisco).

I've been to farmer's markets before, but this was by far the best one that I've ever been to.  The selection of produce was beyond all expectations, there were dozens and dozens of booths, and we sampled some amazing products.  I am SO disappointed that I forgot the camera, but perhaps we'll go back next week for some photo ops (for the last market of the fall).

There were a million things we wanted to buy, but we restrained ourselves.  We ended up with some organic "Easter egg" radishes, a paper bag of mixed mushrooms, a locally-made truffled Camembert, and a local hard crumbly goat cheese.

Local mushrooms, radishes, and cheese

Crazy looking mushrooms -- the white "fluffy looking" ones turned out to be our favorite once sauteed

Sauteed mushrooms

Dinner time!  The 2 local cheeses plus a bleu, pâté, crackers, pears, and sauteed mushrooms.

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