Thursday, February 9, 2012

I Not Only Cook, I'm Also a Nerd

A few months ago, I realized that my blog keeps stats.  As a mathematician by nature, I LOVE looking at them - not to see if I'm becoming the next "Julie and Julia" but out of interest in numbers (and to see what everyone else is interested in).

Yesterday I noticed that I'm almost at 1000 pageviews for my blog (and it doesn't count my own views).

Some other interesting stats:
  • While most views are from people in the US, people from these countries/territories have visited my blog as well (in order of views):  Germany, Russia, Malaysia, USVI, France, UK, Philippines, Turkey, Canada.
  • Most people (40%) view this via Firefox (I'm also anti-IE.  Except at work.)
  • There's a 45%-45% tie between Windows and Mac users (I'm a Mac.  Except at work.)
  • Most of you come here via Facebook.
  • The most popular google search that brings people to my page is "purple and yellow string beans" - I don't have any posts about purple and yellow string beans (except now they're "mentioned" here - I guess I'll be that much more popular).
Top 5 most visited posts:
  1. Consumer Review: Buitoni Shrimp & Lobster Ravioli
  2.  "You should put this on your food blog."
  3. Best Dinner in a Long Time 
  4. I Love Crock Pots 
  5. One Pan Dinner
But these aren't necessarily my favorites.  Well some are.

My favorite recipes/posts:
  1.  "You should put this on your food blog." - Grilled pizza.  I could eat pizza every day.  I also love grilling.  How can anything get better than this?
  2. Best Dinner in a Long Time - Coconut Green Curry Clams and Green Bean Salad.  Clams are one of my favorite foods and green beans are Joe's favorite veggie (and one of my favorites as well).
  3. Healthy Fried Rice - I made this last Saturday.  I'm making it again tonight, per Joe's request (and I want more too!).  In case that statement didn't mean much, please note that I generally don't repeat recipes more than once/month.
  4. For the Love of Brussels Sprouts 2 - Grilled Brussels sprouts.  One of my favorite veggie side dishes ever.  And they're grilled.  (Did I mention that I love grilling?)
  5. Joe's Favorite* Soup  - Perfect for the winter - with Chorizo, chicken broth, and kale, this soup is sure to cure the common cold.  Or at least taste good even if it doesn't.
  6. Baked Manicotti - These take a little bit of work, but are worth the effort.
Sorry for this silly post.  I'm a stats person.  If you made it this far, maybe you are too :-)

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