Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oops! I don't have beef broth!

Have you ever started making a recipe and realized you didn't have an ingredient?  I do that a lot.  Sometimes I run to the store while cooking (or Joe does - thank you awesome hubby!), but sometimes I 'punt.'  Yesterday was one of those days.

Crock-Pot Beef Stroganoff
I was making beef stroganoff in my crockpot and after prepping the meat and veggies the night before (and premeasuring the spices), I left myself 5 minutes to throw it in the crockpot in the morning.  Which meant no last minute trip to the store.  And then I woke up and realized I had no beef broth.

I'm posting this because I'm amazed at the fact that I couldn't tell I used chicken broth instead when we ate the finished product.  It also worked well enough that I bothered to note what I combined.  (I probably would not use this substitution for a beef broth based soup, but you could use a similar idea to enhance your canned beef broth for that.)

"Beef" Broth

2 cups low sodium chicken stock or 1 can low sodium chicken broth
1 T tomato paste
1 T low sodium Lea & Perrins Worchestershire sauce
1 t soy sauce
1 t Kitchen Bouquet or Gravy Master (gravy browning/seasoning sauce)

Combine the ingredients and whisk.

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